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Hi, I’m Haley.

I’m a mother of two. Phoenix, my son is three years old and my daughter, Liberty, is one. My children changed my life in unexpected and incredible ways. Being a mother has been so much more than I could have ever imagined. More of everything. 

Phoenix came unexpectedly. Liberty came fast and slow at the same time. Both of my birth stories are so different. And I missed out on photos of both births. Their stories are just memories that I cling to.

I desperately wish I had photos of the two most important days of my life.

I wish I had photos of my husband’s face, as he saw his babies for the first time, as he saw me work so hard. I wish I could see myself in my most powerful and vulnerable time in life, the day I brought life into this world. 

I want every woman to have images of herself in this powerful moment. I want to give her the gift of pausing time in an image. Photos that she can treasure forever, that she can get out and show her children some day when they ask about their birthday.

The day you give birth is a day your life changes forever and that is a day you should have photos of, to remember. 

Mama ‘n Me
Fresh 48

A birthday is the day a baby is birthed. This is the day a woman became a mother, the day a life was brought into the world. Such a beautiful and powerful moment in life should be documented. I photograph birth with an eye for telling the story of your strength and power as you bring your baby into the world. I look for breathtaking moments that show your incredible life giving nature. Birth is a life changing moment in a woman’s life, and she should have the gift of seeing herself in her most powerful.

I photograph births in Boulder, Denver and surrounding areas with absolute honor and reverence. Every moment brings a new experience and unknowns. I am extremely respectful of this time and photograph with a non-invasive approach. My camera shoots silently and won’t affect your experience in any way. I do my best to be supportive if needed and also to give you space when it is called for. Birth is about you and your baby, whatever it is that you want, is what I want as well. 


Motherhood is the foundation of life. Pregnancy is a powerful time in a woman’s life. She creates life within her womb while she continues living a somewhat normal life each day. The sacrifices a woman’s body makes so that she can bring a new life into the world are greater than we can see with our eyes, but what we can see with our eyes should be captured and treasured forever. Pregnancy is a fleeting moment, let me freeze time so you can look back in awe of your power and beauty. 

Maternity photos are so much more than a photo of that beautiful bump. These photos embody the massive accomplishment that it is to bring a new life into the world. They capture the weight of the world being carried in a woman’s belly. Women carry children with such grace and strength, capturing that in a photo is the true honor of my life. All mothers should have photos of themselves in their most powerful time of life.  

See yourself in your most powerful moment
Birth Photography
Zoe Rickman
Maternity and Birth Client

Words can’t express the gratitude I have towards Haley for capturing so beautifully my birth experience! She was able document all of the emotions throughout the journey so perfectly- looking back at the photos brought me to tears. On top of it all, she was so supportive and you could feel how passionate she was about empowering women and their birth experience!

Erin Lester
Birth Client

She was so sweet, easy to work with and a phenomenal photographer! Haley met with us beforehand to learn what we wanted and stayed in touch and on call until our birth, even coming out to a ‘false alarm’. She captured the low light setting beautifully and caught some amazing facial expressions and moments! I remember that she entered just as my daughter’s head was born. I remember thinking “too bad we won’t get a photo of this”. But to my delight she must have started taking photos the second she entered as she took two awesome shots of my daughters first look up at the world! Hire Haley, you won’t regret it.

Shakti Wood
Mama 'n Me Client

Normally photographs make me uncomfortable, but Haley offered a very relaxed, natural setting for some pictures with my one-year-old. She was a “fly on the wall” in the best sense of the expression; rather than posing for pictures, my son and I just played and had fun together. Haley captured the moments of actual joy, as opposed to creating an artificial scene and hoping for a good shot. Thank you Haley, for our photos!

Laura McGinley Klie
Mama 'n Me Client

I’ve never taken a good professional photo in my life but like doing them anyway, especially now that we have a little one. Man, the photos turned out so well! Haley is magic with a camera – our teething, fussy baby looks happy and I don’t look old and tired one bit!  They are natural and easy, not “posed” at all. I can’t stop looking at them! She even drove up to our house behind the flatirons for the session. She’s reasonably priced and goes above and beyond for her sessions.

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